Charmed Queens

Our Queens have been FELV & FIV Tested, DNA tested including for polycystic kidney disease and congenital myasthenic (spasticity) syndrome.  They have also undergone a feline upper respiratory panel (PCR) and a feline fecal panel (PCR).  They have also been HCM scanned or are from proven HCM free lines.  

Ursula FaunaClub

Ursula is black/white bi-color tuxedo pattern with green eyes.  She is a very laid back and easy going girl.  I call her my "couch potato girl".  Ursula is an excellent mother.

Skidrose Laura

Laura is a gorgeous chocolate calico.  Laura is super sweet and loving.  She has proven to be an excellent mother.

Skidrose Marlana (Future Queen)

Marlana is a gorgeous calico.  Marlana is everything Devon - super playful, into everything and very "helpful"  I think she will be a kitten at heart forever.  

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