Becky Patterson, founder of Charmed Purrfection Cattery grew up with cats, dogs and horses. She was introduced to the Devon Rex breed in 2002 while searching for a cat breed that her husband with cat allergies could live with.  She purchased 2 pet Devon Rex females and the love affair began.  A few years later she purchased 2 more pet Devons.  Becky began volunteering at a couple of local cat rescues and started fostering pregnant moms despite her husband's allergies.  She soon started working at a local vet clinic and became a vet tech.  As her children were getting ready to head off to college she told her husband that she wanted to start breeding and showing cats.  She decided that if she was going to pursue breeding the most important thing would be the health, welfare and quality of the cats.  Also she decided that providing a high level of customer service was crucial.  Becky has worked very hard to achieve these goals and is quite proud of cattery.  She is constantly on a mission to strive for excellence!



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